Intensive German Language Courses

German language levels:
From beginner to advanced

Our German language courses cover all levels from beginner, intermediate, advanced to university entrance level (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1). If you start as a beginner, the full language course until C1 takes 10 months (42 weeks).

Intensive Courses (A1-C1):

  • German-level A1 (6 weeks online-course)
  • German-level A2 (8 weeks online-course)
  • German-level B1 (10 weeks online-course)
  • German-level B2 (10 weeks)
  • German-level C1 (10 weeks)
  • Each week covers 20 lessons á 45 minutes

    German-level B2 and German-level C1 will be followed by official telc examinations (separate application required - fees apply)

    telc exam preparation:

    Schiller Language School is telc-licensed partner and conducts telc-examinations on B2 and C1 Hochschule level on regular basis.

    A format-training is part of our intensive German language courses and helps students to maximise their telc-examination success chances.


    Attend our Rheinisches Studienkolleg in Berlin or Bonn to prepare for Feststellungsprüfung. Rheinisches Studienkolleg offers M-course, T-course and W-course. The preparation takes 10 months.

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    Starting dates

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